By Paul Rios - Special to Sac in Stereo

I admit that I used Record Store Day as an excuse to visit Dimple Records’ vinyl specialty store. When this hallowed of crate-digger holidays comes around, normally I just make a beeline for R5 or The Beat. Both have more in the way of atmosphere than any of Sacramento’s local Dimples. Still, my curiosity about the new store made me reconsider. I figured I could pick up a couple RSD exclusives, snag some kooky, dollar-bin throwaway and call it a day.

When I arrived at the Dimples on Arden, the Record Store Day festivities were already in full swing. I just missed a live performance in the main store, but some folks from 100.5 The Zone kept the music flowing. Rather than subject myself to the greatest hits of Sugar Ray, I headed down the alley to the vinyl store. Outside, an older guy diddled on an acoustic guitar next to a hot dog stand and a prize wheel. The vinyl store space was about the size of a garage and stuffed, to my surprise, with great, cheap stuff like “Big Ben” by Jorge Ben, which I snapped up for a George Washington. I snagged a Record Store Day reissue of John Fahey’s “Yellow Princess” and fondled one of the limited edition “Dummy” reissues before deciding to buy less-than-mint copies of “Tijuana Mood” and “Station to Station” among other things.

Along with a prerequisite table of free 7-inch singles, tote bags and stickers, vinyl store customers had a chance to spin the prize wheel and win other goodies. Myself, I managed to win a $20 record cleaning kit, which will be damn useful because I have a whole stack of those dollar-bin throwaways that could use a good scrub. And a wonderful Record Store Day was had by all.

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[Photo: dimple.com screenshot]


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