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Tonight, the Mix Downtown on 16th and L Streets will likely be swarmed with hipsters looking for nothing more than pounding rhythms and a dance floor. The weekly "Bravado" dance party happens at Mix every Thursday night, and to help promote, DJ Shaun Slaughter has released an hour-long mix of electronica, hip hop and dance tunes simply called the "Bravado January 2009 Mix."

Download the mp3 here [zShare]

"Bravado" starts at 9 p.m. and is $15 – click the link to the right before 7:30 to RSVP for $5.

The lineup for this week's event features DJs Shaun Slaughter, Jon Droll and Adam J. The headlining act will be Hottub, an Oakland trio that has shared the stage with MIA and Santogold. Video after the jump.

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Sacramento metal band Fallen Man has joined the list of artists to feature cover artwork penned by Ed Repka. Some of the other bands Repka has worked with include Megadeth, NOFX, Death and Toxik.

Fallen Man called it an honor to have Repka design its cover art, writing, "As a fan of Death, Uncle Slam, and Megadeth I’d been aware of his contributions to metal art since the '80s. I contacted Ed to see if he was willing to bring my 'Mercenary' concept to life, and he delivered a stunning cover."

Fallen Man's album is also available on iTunes.

[Brave Words via Fallen Man]

Other Ed Repka album covers after the jump.

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Last night, some of Northern California's punk rock veterans played an acoustic show at Luna's Cafe on 16th Street. The lineup included Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds), Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River) and Chad Rex.

Here's a quick video of Kevin Seconds being joined by his wife Allyson for "Sunday Afternoon Bicycle Polo:"

(click through to watch in HD)

The show drew a good crowd, but many of the people in attendance left after Joey Cape's performance. Seconds didn't seem to mind too much; he had been bouncing around running sound for the other performers all night, and his set was considerably shorter than the other singers.

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Contacting Cody Kitaura:

e-mail: sacinstereo (at) gmail.com

twitter: @sacinstereo

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About this blog:

Sac in Stereo is an independent music blog focusing on every kind of music in Sacramento, Calif. The name comes from a podcast I helped start at the State Hornet during my college days. After graduation, I decided the name needed to live on.

There aren't enough people writing about Sacramento's diverse music scene. We've produced major label, world-famous bands. We have all kinds of venues. We have scores of enthusiastic music fans. We all need some help connecting with each other. That's where I come in.

About Cody Kitaura:

I'm a graduate of Sacramento State (journalism major, music minor). I've worked for the university's newspaper as a news writer, copy editor, features editor and online managing editor. I also used to play in a band, so I understand how difficult it can be for independent artists to get heard. This blog may mention bands I've known or have played shows with, but when it does, I'll make a note of it.

If you have a band and want to be featured on this blog, drop me a line. I cannot promise anything, but I'll do my best to post up any music I think is deserving.


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