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About this blog:

Sac in Stereo is an independent music blog focusing on every kind of music in Sacramento, Calif. The name comes from a podcast I helped start at the State Hornet during my college days. After graduation, I decided the name needed to live on.

There aren't enough people writing about Sacramento's diverse music scene. We've produced major label, world-famous bands. We have all kinds of venues. We have scores of enthusiastic music fans. We all need some help connecting with each other. That's where I come in.

About Cody Kitaura:

I'm a graduate of Sacramento State (journalism major, music minor). I've worked for the university's newspaper as a news writer, copy editor, features editor and online managing editor. I also used to play in a band, so I understand how difficult it can be for independent artists to get heard. This blog may mention bands I've known or have played shows with, but when it does, I'll make a note of it.

If you have a band and want to be featured on this blog, drop me a line. I cannot promise anything, but I'll do my best to post up any music I think is deserving.


All music posted is copyright its original owners. If you would like me to remove a download, photo, mp3, etc., please contact me.